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  • Busty spouses in swinger foursome

    Busty spouses in swinger foursome

    Start off with two women making out while their husbands watch. When everyone’s all hot and sweaty it’s time for the men to get in the mix. No hesitation as they swap spouses and the tongue fucking and pussy pounding begins! Cum see how much fun they have. Rookie Swingers

  • Two experienced swingers

    Two experienced swingers

    Funny how things work out. It was Vin’s idea to do Wife Switch and his wife, Nikki who was most hesitant. But, once they were there Vin couldn’t handle watching his wife with another man. Nikki on the other hand ended up having a blast getting the full attention of […]

  • First Swingers game

    First Swingers game

    Jumping into the swingers game three months into their marriage is not what pretty Penny had in mind. When Mark plays Penny’s “slot”, Monica leaves her heels on and kicks out a rockin’ cowgirl on Alex’s woody. With a butt like that, it should be insured under the “valuable assets-other” […]

  • Wifes fucked by two colossal man-cudgels

    Wifes fucked by two colossal man-cudgels

    It’s always the wives that get things started when two curious couples decided to swap spouses and become a foursome of fuck friends! Mia and Sue swap spit and get to know every inch of each other’s hot bodies before they swap hubbies and get their vertical smiles ferociously fucked […]

  • Foursome with anal sex

    Foursome with anal sex

    If horny is hungry Vanessa and Cloe were starving, until they spent some time together getting stuffed. Then, we came over and gave them seconds. These honeys just couldn’t get enough. They moaned with delight as we kept them full of meat before they shared our frothy dessert. All Star […]

  • Swingers foursome sex

    Swingers foursome sex

    The Lopez’s and the Hills are just plain done with fucking the same person…seriously, the same cock in the same pussy all the time…how fucking dull is that?! Well it looks like swapping spouses is just what this fuck-fatigued foursome needed, because Beverly and Luscious are chugging down cock like […]

  • Two Busty MILF

    Two Busty MILF

    Summer can’t seem to find work in Florida. Sebastian and I helped ease her worries by double-teaming her HOT ass. Another MILFseeker 1st!!! One of the hottest MILFs to date, Shauna shows up to make a foursome! Who says Friday the 13th is unlucky! MILF Seeker

  • Two naive little beavers in foursome

    Two naive little beavers in foursome

    Amy and her girlfriend are joined in her bedroom by two guys who like to play rough. The naive little beavers have no idea that it isn’t gonna be anything like the average pillow fight…. When those guys are finished with ’em, they’ll be left with pillaged twats, plowed throats, […]

  • Two girls in her first anal foursome

    Two girls in her first anal foursome

    Tarra and Morgan are two smokin’ hot tramps who don’t waste any time turning up the heat. Morgan fires up a dildo and bakes it deep between Tarra’s hot biscuits. Just when they’re really red and swollen, two hot dogs join in adding some spice by poking and groping until […]

  • Couple swinging for the first time

    Couple swinging for the first time

    Kylie, a Wife Switch veteran, is back with her new man, Tyler. This time around they pair off with Dominic and Riley, newlyweds who are swinging for the first time. Riley starts off pretty nervous, but once she gets a taste of Tyler’s cock, the slut within reveals herself in […]

  • Two young girl in foursome sex

    Two young girl in foursome sex

    If you like it rough get ready to ride bareback with Nicky and Nella as they get down on our studs. This is one wild “ho-down” you won’t soon forget, complete with spanking and a very naughty ending. Teens For Cash

  • First swinger party

    First swinger party

    One wife is eager and the other is nervous. Add two anxious husbands and it’s not long before they shed their clothes and inhibitions. As Kylee and Cassandra dive in for a taste they get some pleasant surprises. Cum see who gets off and who gets jealous! Sexy neighbors getting […]

  • Wife Swap

    Wife Swap

    Sara Jay is set up by her husband to take part in kinky sex games with a friend and his submissive wife, Kait Snow. Both wives get worked over with punishment, sex and bondage in an exciting evening they will never forget. Kait gets ass fucked and Sara gets stuffed […]

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