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  • Naughty present for hubby

    Naughty present for hubby

    “I got you a present.” Priscilla tells her hubby John. “Surprise!”… “Whoa, what is this? Is it a snowboard? statue? statue of liberty?” John asks with excitement building. After ripping away at the paper, his eyes grow wide…. “It’s a babe. you got me a babe… oh my god!” Couples […]

  • Cute Sonia seduced by naughty couple

    Cute Sonia seduced by naughty couple

    What would your mom say if she found out we seduced you? jokes wife, Rachel. “I think its hooot!” giggles cutie, Sonia. Couples Seduce Teens

  • Just two lovers enjoying each other

    Just two lovers enjoying each other

    Bianca and Victor take a slow, gentle roll in the hay. An attentive and sensitive lover, Victor pleasures Bianca in ways that make her eager to return the favor. No domination or subjugation here; just two lovers enjoying each other joyfully, deeply and completely. Erotic Mind

  • Sunday morning sex

    Sunday morning sex

    Denson is an avid reader, and sometimes it can be hard to pry him away from his books and magazines. Conny knows how to get his attention, however, and how to keep it. Reading might be “fundamental,” but making love trumps it, every time. Erotic Mind

  • Couple seduce young girl to fuck

    Couple seduce young girl to fuck

    “Is this some kind of weird TV show? What’s going on?” asked a confused Micah “It could be, but not quite” answered Marcus, “Maybe we can better explain it to you……” he continued Couple Seduce Teens

  • Naughty chicks in threesome

    Naughty chicks in threesome

    Ethan and Lexi discovered that their hot neighbor from up the street was a naughty cam chick online. Sensing an opportunity for seduction, Lexi dropped by Ally’s place to work her magic…. and it just gets better from there. 😉 Couple Seduce Teens

  • Oral pleasures and an anal fucking

    Oral pleasures and an anal fucking

    Casey and her boyfriend are looking at a magazine and getting some ideas on what they want to try out when they nail. He gets her shorts off and goes down between her legs and licks her beaver. To return the oral favor, she strokes his schlong and bobs her […]

  • Ebony couple have sex

    Ebony couple have sex

    Misty was late for her train, but she was just in time for our latest scam! This wrecked ho had a chest like a flatcar, but her caboose was smokin’, so we let our conductor give her a test ride. Before Misty knew it, her firebox was full of wood […]

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