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  • Lana Sky fucked on backseat

    Lana Sky fucked on backseat

    Ms. Lana Sky was shopping for a ‘fuck-me’ outfit to wear clubbing when we met her. You see, she was on vacation in Miami to sew her last wild oats before becoming Mrs. We offered her a ride to a better mall then offered to fuck her so hard she’ll […]

  • Busty girl banged in ass

    Busty girl banged in ass

    This week, we were involved in a Hit and Run in more ways than one. Hailey backed her car into Mr. Friday’s ass. Instead of involving the cops, we involved our cocks. She was ready willing and able to keep this private. Watch us bang the dents outta her ass […]

  • Katie in threesome with two big dicks

    Katie in threesome with two big dicks

    Don’t ask her questions, & don’t call her baby. This angry beaver won’t take your shit. But, flash some cash, and she’ll hike up her skirt & show you her clit! Katie’s not into chicks, just horny guys with big dicks! So, we nuzzled her notch, slid in her crotch, […]

  • Asian MILF in threesome sex

    Asian MILF in threesome sex

    We went out in search of a new turbo boost for our car but ended up finding Anna! She’s a super charged mom that left work to help us install our parts. She didn’t mind us tooling around in her garage, in fact, once we got her motor running she […]

  • Kelli´s first anal fucking

    Kelli´s first anal fucking

    Joe gives Kelli her first ass fucking… and from her reaction to the experience, I’m guessing it won’t be her last. Her First Anal Sex

  • Busty mama hard fucked

    Busty mama hard fucked

    This greedy little mama was down for hanging with us when we told her we’d pay her. She jumped in the car and we couldn’t wait to jump her bones. Back at the studio we showed this hot mom what fucking was really about; two cute studs sticking their hard […]

  • Two young girls fucked by a tutor

    Two young girls fucked by a tutor

    One of the fringe benefits of being a tutor is that sometimes the girls can’t afford your services, or forget their money at home, and they have to come up with another way to pay. Luckily for his starving students, Martin accepts both Fellatio Express and Asstercard! Pure Cherry Girls

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